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Stained glass windows have adorned places of worship for centuries . Today stained glass windows are not only found in churches but also in private homes and commercial buildings. They can be ornamental , symbolic , and or figurative.

The process in which I make my windows is in the traditional way they have been made using colored glass which is sometimes painted on with special paints made for glass painting called vitreous paints. These paints are added for more details, such as shading and added line work. The paints are applied to the glass and then fired to very high temperatures which make them permanent . After the individual pieces that make up the window are then assembled into panels using lead came, which is then soldered at all the joints . After the window is assembled and soldered it is then cemented on both sides and cleaned and polished then reinforcing wires or bars are applied.

There are times when damage from severe weather or other environmental issues can contribute to the failing of a window.
In most cases if the damage is not extensive the window can be repaired.

Restoring or repairing stained glass is a very specific process.There are many aspects to restoration than the obvious repair. Attention to glass colors and as well as patinas of surrounding work are major considerations in addition to the glass replacement and structural considerations.

When a window is properly restored, the repair should be imperceptable to the viewer.

Restoration work requires a broad spectrum of skills. focus and patience,
I can repair any window from small residential panels to very large commercial and church windows.

If you have a damaged or failing stained glass or leaded glass window, call me to have an inspection and asessment made.